Credibility and good reputation are fundamental for FINMASI and its companies. We deem it essential to clearly express the common principles, values and responsibilities which guide the FINMASI Group in its relations with the market and the communities where they operate, with the people who work with the Group and with those who have a legitimate interest in its activities. These values and principles, developed throughout the history of FINMASI GROUP, are encapsulated in the Code of Ethics.  

Knowledge and observance of the Code of Ethics by all people working for FINMASI GROUP are crucial to ensure efficiency, reliability, and excellence for the Group itself. FINMASI GROUP ensures compliance with the Code by setting up adequate information, prevention, and control tools and by granting transparency in operations and behaviour.  

The Code of Ethics is the company's 'Constitution', a charter of moral rights and duties that defines the ethical and social responsibility of every participant in the company organisation.  

The Code of Ethics is an effective instrument to prevent irresponsible or unlawful behaviour by those who work in the name and on behalf of the company as it sets out a clear and explicit definition of its ethical and social responsibilities towards all those directly or indirectly involved in the company's activities (customers, suppliers, partners, citizens, collaborators, public institutions and anyone else involved in the company's activities).  

The Code of Ethics is the primary means for implementing ethical behaviour in the company, to define the set of principles its addressees are required to comply with in their relations with each other as well as with stakeholders in the company. 

Download the Finmasi Group Code of Ethics:

Code of ethics