"We believe in creating value for our customers. 

We believe in simple and effective ideas, and we work to make them real and functional solutions. 

We believe in future and in time, the only resource of infinite value. 

We believe in innovation, to be always followed by concrete action.  

We believe in work ethic, in professionalism and in being passionate for what we do every day. 

We believe in integrity, fairness, and respect.  

We believe in striving for excellence and in ongoing improvement. 

We believe in boldness and the will to accept daily challenges. 

We believe in value and wealth creation as a means of preserving our company history. 

We believe in being faithful to our mission.” 

The companies of the Finmasi Group have always been committed to the continuous enhancement of their business activities, which are based on the above-mentioned values and principles, in all its manifestations within the business world.