Finmasi Group S.p.A. and its companies carry out their business activities with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, aimed at creating value and wealth for all those who are involved.

Professionalism, skill,  passion, initiative, boldness and ongoing commitment are the founding values which inspire our people daily and encourage them to continuously improve and strive for excellence.
Finmasi Group also deems it fundamental and imperative to maintain proper ethical conduct.

The Group's companies shall always focus on their customers’ needs ,and work with them closely and proactively so that the products and services can be shaped according to their requirements.

This is why our companies offer a wide range of products and services and provide state-of-the-art solutions thanks to their skills and professionalism, acquired over decades of experience and constantly updated.

All the companies act as a Group,a tightly bound team of people who, together, make up a complex unit where each individual part is essential.

The Finmasi Group has always been committed to harnessing every potential, ensuring that every voice of the Group is heard and that everyone’s idea has a space. We believe this is the only way to achieve our goals.

The harmonious work of every person within the Group translates into the customer’s complete satisfaction,  which is Finmasi’s Corporate Mission.